Friday, February 13, 2009

My 1st Free Report

How To Hire An IT Expert - front - red

Free Report # 1, "How To Hire An IT Expert", or

"10 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Recruitment Firm
BEFORE You Hire Them."


What I found out from my experience as a Recruiter in Information Technology was that the majority of experts were working too hard, but achieving too little. Instead of trying to focus on their core competence and then start positioning themselves in their target markets, most experts work with one client at a time, and then spend a lot of time and energy on trying to find the next project.

So back in 2007 I created my first Free Report “How To Hire An IT Expert”, hoping to change my client’s perception about experts."

Now here it is for you - I hope this will be useful, and you will learn some lessons about the Importance of outsourcing. Go to this Archive website and dowload the Free report right now.

Here's the direct link for you:

(Click on the link to Open or Right-click the link and use "Save Target As" to Save Report on your Computer)

How To Hire An IT Expert - back

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