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Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime…Val Slastnikov

Val Slastnikov

I am very excited today! Reason is…I finally made the list of LXM “Jump Start” Affiliates, i.d. those Affiliates of The League of Extraordinary Minds who already have sub-affiliates in the program and who are now contesting for the long list of LXM prizes…

Most importantly, as you can see from the Article I copied from the LXM Affiliate blog, I am on the same list of LXM “Super Affiliates” (highlighted in green), such as Brad Fallon (the founder of StomperNet), Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV, Infusion Software (The CRM System of choice for all Top Internet Marketers of today and tomorrow), legendary Mike Filsaime and Yaro Starak, a “super-blogger”. These people and companies are all Internet Gurus, the recognized Experts in their niches and the outstanding individuals that I highly respect and admire…

How did I make the list, though? Well, it’s too long to describe, but to sum up in just one or two words, it means…“Being Proactive”. Or, as Rich would put it, being able to “Anticipate and Preempt.”

Here’s the article for you, folks – hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! :)

“Jump start” Program off to a Major Jump ——- 138 Affiliates in the Running

October 14th, 2009 | Author: admin

Hi Everyone

The “Jump Start” affiliate program got off to a fast start.  There were thousands of new affiliate partners that have joined the cause since we started.  Below is a list of affiliate partners who already have activity on their second level and are already in the running for either the top awards or the drawings.

Yes.  I said that right.  All of you below are already eligible for one of the affiliate prizes and any of you could win.  HOWEVER, the more opt-ins you have on your second level, the more chances you have to win.  Or, be the top two and get the grand prizes.

This list was run at 8:31PM EST Oct 14th.  So if you started after that you will show on the next update. This list is alphabetical and it is for the “Jump Start” program only that goes through the 20th.  All of the other affiliate contests start on the 15th.

Adam Spiel
Al Bernard
Alexander Kitingan
AllanNino Dionela
Andrew Lock
Andy Beard
Annie Infinite
Anthony Kane
Anthony Stone
Ash Silva
Barry Cunningham
Bob Jenkins
Bob Schecter
Bobby Leong
Bobby Webb
Brad Fallon
Brad Spencer
Carol Armstrong
Cathy Henry
Cecilia Fernandez
Chris Green
Clyde Kooy
Cody Moya
Colin Taylor
Dan Auito
Dan Kelly
Darren Rowse
Dave Offen
Dave Vitallo
David Austin
David Geldenhuys
David Payne
Dewi Trisno Ratna
Dorcas Aubenque
Doug Champigny
Dvorah Kane
Earl Netwal
Edmund Loh
Gary Vaynerchuk
Emilio Karam
Eva Martinez
F Phillips
Fabio Sekoff
Frank Girard
Franz Resch
Gajapati Subudhi
Gary Smith
GeeRenee Barcourt
Gideon Shalwick
Haibin Huang
Ian Del Carmen
Infusion Software
Isaac Barnes
Jack Bezalel
Jaco Joubert
James Moen
Jason Taylor
JeanPhilippe Schoeffel
Jeff Davis
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremy Gislason
Jim Kelley
Joan Miller
Joe Davison
John Cabral
John Stiles
Justin Cunningham
Kathe Lucas
Keith Williams
Ken Lovett
Kevin Doherty
Kimmo Nuotio
Kirby Malkemus
Krishna De
Krisztina Cseri
Kyle Allred
Leon Williams
Lina Egutkina
Lloyd Luna
Lonnie Robinson
Lyndon Yabut
Marieta Jansen
Mark Roberts
Martin Lee
Martin Puusep
Mike Filsaime
Mike Lyons
Mike Merz
Mirtha Fasce Critelli
Nathan Romano
Nizam Shapie
Norman Freeman
Onno Vrijburg
Patrick Bell
Paul Cooley
Paul Evans
Paul Simister
Peter Holland
Peter Palatnik
Rangarajan Chakravarthi
Ricardo King
Ricardo Weatherly
Rich Etsler
Ricz Sabido
Roger Fudge
Rosanne Dausilio
Rusty Kaohelaulii
Ryan Smith
Sandeep Nath
Sandy Lomas
Sandy Ostroff
Sarie San Pablo
Scott Thrall
Sharon Wrobel
Shelby Carr
Spike Humer
Steve Pronger
Tara West
Thomas Northrop
Tim Adler
Tim Ong
Tim Owen
Timothee LANDI
Timothy Jordan
Toby McCartney
Tom Dewell
Tom Justin
Tony Puckerin
Transformation Technologies
Travis Campbell
Ujani Fonseca
Val Slastnikov
Valeriu Popescu
Yaro Starak
Yishai Almog
Zulfadli Abdul wahab


Alrighty then!

Now lemme go and raise the glass to my first success in Internet Marketing! :)

(I hope this is just the beginning…)

But before I go…

Want to join me in the Biggest Launch of the 21st Century? Become the LXM Affiliate here

Keep smiling,


/Val Slastnikov/

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