Saturday, October 17, 2009

Extraordinary Mind of Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Dear Experts,

Today I'd like to share with you a very special audio interview with Brian Tracy, one of the world's great time management experts. This best-selling author and professional speaker has appeared on CNN and the Today Show and has been featured in Time, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal.

He's written more than 15 books and has numerous DVDs that teach his time management principles.
Brian has worked with mega-millionaires who credit him as the main reason they've achieved their level of success.

So I figured his expert time management advice could help you achieve more success in your life, too!

In this one-hour interview, Brian shares some of his best advice that has helped 99% of his time management workshop attendees double their income and double their vacation time within a year or less.
You'll discover how to...

  • Prioritize your day so you focus on the tasks that matter
  • Short-circuit your tendency to procrastinate
  • Become "addicted" to work -- in a good way

... Plus, you'll also hear Brian Tracy's "great secret to success in life" -- it's surprisingly simple and it doesn't cost a penny!
So make sure you set aside an hour for yourself sometime today to listen to this inspiring interview... I guarantee you're going to get a lot of great advice out of it.

Click the link below to download the Interview.

Download Derek Gehl interviews Brian Tracy.mp3 here

Once you've listened to the audio, please feel free to leave me your comments here on this blog to let me know what you think of it... I am always eager to receive feedback from my blog readers, so that I could give you more of the information and the Experts advice you need to achieve greater success in life.

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