Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Takeaways from LXM Panel 4

Here’s my takeaways from The League of Extraordinary Minds’ Panel Session 4:

The Triple Play of Business building means: Hire The Best, Build The System, Change The World


1. According to the Experts presented in this session, at first, you need to Create a Dreaming Room: Work on your Vision, Mission, communication and conduct ongoing research.

2. Again, according to the Experts in this session, hiring from resumes, asking vague questions or asking references from candidates is a WRONG Approach. You will NEVER hire the “A” Players this way.

This is the formula that WILL get you the candidates you are looking for:

Great Job + Great Sourcing +Great Interviewing = Great Recruiting

3. To build Great System within your Business means that you have to understand that all you do in your business has to be sistemized, and when each process becomes a system, you will need to align all systems together, in order to leverage your business growth and maximize results.

4. The biggest innovation happens within small and medium-size businesses – not in the Enterprise; therefore, you should remember that your business is a part of a bigger whole that can and will provide the impact on the outside world, whether you believe it or not…

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