Monday, December 7, 2009

My Takeaways from LXM Panel 5

Here’s my takeaways from The League of Extraordinary Minds’ Panel Session 5:

Session 5 covered the following topics:

ADD, Multi-Tasking, Stress Management, Execution Gaps, Time Management, Efficiency & Productivity and the LXM Experts addressed these items ‘head-on’:

They admitted that most of the Entrepreneurs have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder.) It means that, just like children, they can’t focus on one given activity for a long period of time.

The overall understanding between the experts is that Multi-tasking does not work. We need to learn how to handle Stress in our Business and our Lives.

We need to recognize the fact that Execution Gaps are merely consequences of multi-tasking, ongoing distraction and our Email addiction.

Once we recognize what our main weaknesses are, we can address them more effectively and, if need be, get engaged directly with the appropriate experts that are there to teach us how to improve our efficiency and boost our productivity.

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