Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tomorrow: Your 'League of Extraordinary Minds' Session 8‏


Your "League of Extraordinary Minds" Webcast...

"Fast-Tracking Your Business: Accelerators That
Drive Rapid and Soaring Success"...

Is Happening TOMORROW 

**Free Access Details Below**

Your next real-world, game changing, business-
transforming, free Webcast of "The League of
Extraordinary Minds"  is happening tomorrow,
Thursday, January 7th.

This breakthrough "discovery session" will cover
this critically important business success factor...
"Fast-Tracking Your Business:
Accelerators That Drive Rapid and Soaring Success"

You can access this free "League of Extraordinary
Minds" Webcast online at 8:00pm tomorrow,
Thursday, January 7th (YOUR Local Time) at
this web page:

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During each of these "discovery" sessions, our
expert panelists will focus completely on YOUR
challenges as a small business owner. They will
address the most vital aspects YOU need to focus
on to succeed in today's challenging economy.

On our "Fast-Tracking Your Business: Accelerators
That Drive Rapid and Soaring Success"
Panel session,
we will be joined by these world-class business

Dr. Paul Schoemaker 

- Dr. Paul Schoemaker

... discussing why you can't
just deal with the symptoms of a problem...

Herb Cohen 

- Herb Cohen

... revealing how YOU can become a
masterful negotiator...

Greg Hicks 

- Greg Hicks

... shares 9 behaviors leaders MUST
adopt to reduce stress...

Barry Schwartz 

- Barry Schwartz

... discussing why offering as
much variety as you possibly can will LOWER sales

Tony Jeary 

- Tony Jeary

... on dealing with distractions so
you can be more focused with your efforts and get
better results...

Paul Zane Pilzer 

- Paul Zane Pilzer

... sharing why every
entrepreneur needs to see themselves as one link
in a chain...

And MUCH more!

Go and register now, so you don't miss out on even one minute of
what this high-level group of "business-building
power" has to share with you... for free!

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