Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Hiring Process

Ever wondered how to hire the best performers in your industry?

Well, now you don’t have to! Here’s a little blueprint of what we do in our company, in order to standardize the hiring process. Yes, if you didn’t know this before, hiring (as well as selling and marketing, for that matter) is not just a ‘numbers game’. No, it’s a PROCESS! That’s what makes things easy and duplicatable for us, so that even a 5-year old could do it, too!

And what about you? Are you still trying to do everything in your business the hard way?

C’mon, look outside, it’s 2010, and if you are not delegating, outsourcing and JV-ing everything that’s not your Core Competence – you better start now, otherwise the competitors will walk all over you!

Get it?

Now – check our Blueprint, see how we are doing it, and start doing it the same way, too!

Your Mondays will never be the same again if you do! :)

…Yeah, and one more thing:

The Future is Bright. So keep smiling!


Val Slastnikov


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