Monday, September 6, 2010

For all of you, “The Secret” fans

Have you ever heard about “The Secret”? Yes, I’m talking about the Book and the Movie put together by Rhonda Byrne and a whole bunch of other Experts and Gurus...

If you haven’t – here’s where you can find it on the Web:

If you have, I want to ask you a question.

“Have you tried to apply for yourself any of that stuff that the Secret is teaching?”

If you have, let me ask you another one,

“How is it working out for you? I mean, did it ever work for you or not?” – That’s what I wanna know.

‘Cos from what I hear so far, SOME folks said it worked for them, but MANY people said it didn’t.


Well, what can I say?

Apparently, the Secret is only meant to work for SOME, not for MANY...For those who can “DREAM BIG”, I suppose and “walk, live and breathe” success – the Secret should be a “no brainer”... From what I’ve heard from YouTube Videos, many folks who were already successful in the past became even MORE successful after they’ve stumbled upon the Secret and tried it for themselves...

So what about the rest of us? What about YOU and I, for that matter?

The Secret tells us that “There is enough in this world to go around”.

Is it really true? Or, like one of my friends likes to say,

“There is enough for anybody’s need, but not enough for anybody’s greed!”

I can’t disagree with what he is saying, however let’s be positive here for a second.

Let’s imagine for a second (mind you, just for a second!) that whatever they’re saying is true. You know, about having enough to go around and stuff... You know, just like in that math formula, the one that they taught us at school: “IF something is TRUE, then...WHAT?”

So if there REALLY IS enough in this world to go around and if the Secret does not lie, then next time you’re in a dreamy mood, just allow yourself to imagine that YOU (not “SOME” – YOU) can make a wish and that wish will actually come true. I mean will come true for YOU – and not for just “SOME”, OK?

Do you see what I’m saying here?

I’m saying that there’s NOTHING WRONG if we can allow ourselves to dream and make wishes, and that this particular activity is not restricted to just SOME who were successful in their lives anyway...

Does it make sense to you, guys? I mean, it’s OK for a REGULAR GUY to have dreams and make wishes, isn’t it?

So tell you what.

If you ALLOW YOURSELF to make a wish – it should come true. Not right away, of course, but it should. At least we should try it. (They say “There’s no harm in trying”, right?)

So first you allow yourself to dream and MAKE THAT WISH!

...And then what?

Well, let’s look at the Secret again.

It says:

- Make a Wish

- Believe and...

- Receive!

Just like that, in that order!

Tell you what. Maybe it WILL work. Again, for SOME.

But how to make it work for MANY?

‘Cos if it was so simple – then it would be just a matter of following these 3 simple steps, but it’s not!

I will tell you where the real catch is.

The real catch, I mean the real ‘kicker’ and where everything falls apart is the word BIG.

‘Cos this is where I see that the Secret is wrong. It says that we should all DREAM BIG. It says that you should all be able to VISUALIZE how you already HAVE what you wished for. That you’re already DRIVING that ‘dream car’ of yours, that you’ve already MOVED IN into that beautiful ‘dream house’ of yours, that you’re already HOLDING that special someone, holding them right in your arms and LIVING that lavish lifestyle that you’d once imagined...

Oh really?!

Think about THIS for a second, folks. Can each and every one of us dream big? Can each and every one of us VISUALIZE that you already have whatever it is you’ve asked for??? Without actually HAVING EXPERIENCED it at least once in their lifetime?

Well, I guess not, even though SOME of us probably can! But I’m not talking about those, I’m talking about how to make it work for the MOST of us, and not just for SOME!

What about JUST DREAMING? Can all of us dream? Of course we can! And even in TECHNICOLOR! :-)

So maybe what we should try to do is break down the Secret in more bite-size pieces, so to speak...

Yeah, if we broke it down into SMALLER STEPS...Do you think it could work for more than just SOME of us?

Of course it could!

So how about this:

  • Step One. Allow yourself to dream. Not DREAM BIG – just dream a little at first... And test it!
  • Step Two. Make a wish. Don’t go for the stars right away. Make a simple wish, and just keep on dreaming.
  • Step Three. Go and experience it! Go and take that DREAM CAR of yours for a ride, go to the Open House and take a tour around that DREAM HOUSE of yours, go and invite that SPECIAL SOMEONE on a date and truly believe that he or she will say YES to you...

What about then?

NOW you have something REAL, something tangible to wish for, right?

  • Step Four. Keep dreaming about it! Now it makes much more sense as you can actually IMAGINE what you wished for! Now you can visualize it, can you not?!

Once you are able to see it, your mind will start working differently, it will start putting the steps together on how you can actually achieve your dream faster. And, before you even notice, you will arrive at...

  • Step Five. Receive!

Ta-da! Now pat yourself on the shoulder and start again!

This time allow yourself to dream bigger. Does it make the wishing process so much easier, when you break it down into smaller steps?

This way you can learn how to attract what you want, too! All you need to do is:


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PRACTICE IT – that’s all!

Happy dreams, everybody! :-)

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